Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions with Ewald Collision Center

Q: What is paintless dent repair?
A: For smaller or shallower dents, we can apply adhesives to raise dents without hurting the vehicle’s surface at all.
Q: What is aluminum auto body repair?
A: Aluminum is the body material currently used by Ford F150s and some high end vehicles, and it’s more difficult to work with than steel. We have advanced technology and methods that can handle aluminum repairs perfectly well.
Q: How long will my vehicle repair take?
A: That completely depends on the extent of the damage and whether or not we have to order parts, but we will give you an estimate up front.
Q: Can I get a rental car while I wait?
A: While we don’t technically have our own rental cars, we have partners that we will work with to get you into a rental car quickly. Your insurance policy should cover the cost of a rental.
Q: Will you tow my car after an accident?
A: If you call us, we will help get your car towed after an accident. Your insurance company should cover the cost of towing as part of the damages.
Q: How much will my deductible be?
A: That depends on your insurance. When the damage is from a collision, the deductible will be less than when you file a comprehensive damage claim.
Q: What if your estimate is different from my insurance company’s?
A: That’s fine (and normal), and we will work with your insurance company to figure out how to process.
Q: Can my insurance company tell me where to fix my car?
A: You have the right to choose your own shop, and we work with every insurance company to determine the right course of action with your vehicle.
Q: Do I have to get multiple estimates on damage?
A: No you do not. It isn’t always a bad idea to do so, but legally, you do not have to.
Q: Can my damaged frame be repaired?
A: Absolutely. We’ll assess the damage and decide it we just need to pull it back into shape or remove sections and replace them. If the work exceeds the car’s value, than it is “totaled.”
Q: What type of paint should I use on my car?
A: We use a water based paint with a urethane clear coat.
Q: Will my car’s resale value be the same?
A: Because of the quality of our repairs and parts, your car’s value will be as high as it can possibly be considering the damage done. CarFax reports show accidents, so if the damage was severe, it may not be quite the same.
Q: What kind of replacement parts do you use?
A: We typically use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts rather than aftermarket replacement parts.
Q: Will you repair things without asking me?
A: After we carefully assess your vehicle’s damage, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the work that needs to be done. We will only repair things that have been approved by your insurance company and you.
Q: What are betterment charges?
A: While your car is being repaired after an accident, there may be parts that need to be replaced because of age, wear, and tear (like a battery, for instance). You may receive a prorated charge for those parts depending on your vehicle’s mileage.
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