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Auto Glass Replacement & Glass Repair in Milwaukee, WI

Auto glass repair -- its something we all have to deal with from time to time. Sometimes windshields are cracked by debri flying out the back of a dump truck. Sometimes rear glass is damaged by burglars trying to get to the valuable you forgot in the back seat. And sometimes, the glass in your car will be damaged in a collision of some kind. There are many different ways that a Milwaukee driver might damage the glass of their vehicle.

Unfortunately, auto glass isnt the kind of thing that you can push off for days, weeks, or months; you have to take care of it right away. This can lead to quick and irrational decisions about where to have your vehicles glass replaced.

The truth is, your windshield isnt just important for blocking debris and keeping the wind out of your face. The slanted design of a windshield supports a substantial percentage of your roofs weight. If you simply try to find cheap replacement glass that any regular mechanic can install, you may not be protected in a rollover accident; you need reliable glass and trustworthy mechanics to make sure your roof is properly supported. Ewald Collision Repair Center makes it easy for you to receive the auto glass repair that your vehicle deserves. We are here to help you in Wisconsin. From Milwaukee County to Waukesha County and Washington County, we are the place that covered your local glass repair needs. If you live in West Bend, Franklin, Cudahy, Hartford, Brookfield, Waukehsa, Milwaukee or Oconomowoc, then we have you covered. Let us be the first place you think to visit when you consider your next glass repair service.
If you have any questions about our glass, qualifications, or repair process, please get in touch. Wed love to service your vehicle, and we promise that your glass will be as safe as when your car was brand new.

Is it OEM Glass or Imitation?

One important aspect of auto glass replacement is the origin of the glass you plan to use. Is it original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass, or is it an imitation? OEM replacement parts are produced by the maker of your car. This is always the best option because you know it will fit perfectly with your vehicle and last as long as the rest of your car. Better yet, car makes often include a one year warranty on their replacement parts.

If you must use non-OEM replacement glass on your windshield, rear glass, or side windows, make sure its high quality and has all of the same durability and safety features as the original. Ask your mechanic--hell be more than happy to talk you through the origin of the glass. The technicians at Ewald are friendly and informative. They'll be eager to discuss your options with you for repairing the glass on your vehicle.

Will Insurance Cover Auto Glass Repair Near Me?

If the damage to your glass was caused by a collision, than your collision-specific insurance will kick in and youll be compensated for that cost. It gets more complicated when your windshield damage is caused by hail, falling limbs, or rocks, but if your insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, you should be fine.

If you end of needing to fill out a claim for comprehensive coverage, be sure to look at your deductible: its possible that your deductible for comprehensive insurance will cost more than simply paying for the windshield repair out of pocket. Additionally, your insurance policy may have limits for how much you can be reimbursed, although its unlikely that your glass damage will exceed that limit. Start off by making sure you have comprehensive insurance in the first place -- if not, you might want to give your insurance provider a call.

We work with all insurance providers to get you the service you need, and were more than happy to work with your agency. Ewald makes it easy to handle negotiations with your insurance provider.

What Sets Good Installation Technicians Apart?

Did you know that a windshield is actually two pieces of glass? They are held together by an inner piece of vinyl--its all part of the process that keeps you safe from falling shards if your windshield is broken. As you can imagine, these pieces need to be installed carefully by trained experts, and if they arent, you could be in serious danger.

From adhesives to attachment mechanisms, all of the glass in your car needs to be installed with painstaking care. Your glass protects you from debris, it wont injure you when it breaks, and it supports the majority of your roofs weight, but only when its installed properly! When you entrust Ewald with your auto glass installation, you won't need to worry about subpar work.

We Service All Vehicles

Does your large pickup truck need a new windshield? Bring it in--we have plenty of experience replacing glass on those. Does your sedan or compact car need new side or rear glass? Well be happy to take a look! We are comfortable with all makes and models, and well find high quality replacement glass that will fit your vehicle perfectly if necessary.

When possible, well repair your windshield so you dont have to buy a completely new one. Were also happy to service cracks, chips, and breaks of all sizes--no job is too negligible for us to give it our best.

Do you have any questions about our auto glass replacement services? Wed be happy to give you an estimate or more information. Our technicians have worked with a diverse array of cars and problems, and nothing is outside our areas of expertise.

Reach by phone, online, or in person--wed love to hear from you. Ewald makes it easy for Milwaukee drivers to repair or replace any damaged glass in their vehicles.
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